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MedChoice's Reflective Pulse Oximeters:

  • MedChoice patented Reflectance Pulse Oximetry (RPO) technology is what allows SPO Medical's Pulse Oximeter to effectively monitor an athlete during such activities as: Mountain Climbing, High-Altitude Street Cycling, Light Jogging, Speed Walking and Running.

    These Pulse Oximeters are based on MedChoice's uniquely patented algorithms that use the Reflective Pulse Oximetry Technology for accurate oximetry measurement.

    What is Pulse Oximetry?
    Pulse oximetry is a very important non-invasive process used to measure blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) by monitoring the percentageof hemoglobin (Hb), which is saturated with oxygen as well as measuring heart rate.
    This procedure has been used regularly in hospitals during the past twenty years and is established as an essential measurement in medical practice, to ensure maintenance of adequate oxygen and prevention of respiratory difficulty.
    In many disease states, oxygen saturation is one of the most important vital signs to monitor.

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  • MedChoice's Pulse Oximeters

    MedChoice's Pulse Oximeters are battery operated, inexpensive, small and mobile devices, which clip to the finger and can measure blood-oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, continuously, in just a few seconds.

    What is it?

    Pulse Oximetry is a method to measure oxygen saturation in the blood. Most conventional Pulse Oximeters are big, cumbersome and are operated by electricity. SPO Medical's Pulse Oximeters are small devices, which clip to the finger, and can be carried around the house or outside it. They are operated by rechargeable batteries, and take continuous snap-shots of the oxygen-blood saturation levels and heart rate.

    MedChoice's Pulse Oximeters aren't influenced by the patient's movement, and so, they free the patient from having to stay in one place during the physical checkup, and they can be incorporated into athletic activity.

    MedChoice's Pulse Oximeters have a big and bright LED display, with easy-to-read digits, which can fit both people on the move, near sighted users and elders.

    These Pulse Oximeters can work for many hours before their batteries are drained, and they pose little disturbance to the user's everyday life.

    How to buy?

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    What is Pulse Oximetry?

    Pulse oximetry is a physical check up for people with known heart and lung problems and for athletes. This examination keeps track of the amount of oxygen in the blood, and helps the patient or athlete know in advance, when their oxygen level are about to reach critical levels. If this happens, the following things may occur:
  • When the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases, it may cause hypoxia (shortage of oxygen in the brain).
  • Hypoxia can lead to the fainting.
  • Lack of oxygen can occur, when the patient suffers from known heart and lung illnesses.
  • Lack of oxygen can occur when there is an instant surge in the oxygen intake (for instance, when the athlete increases the exertion of energy).
    Pulse Oximetry enables both heart-lung patients and athletes, keep their finger on their vital measurements. SPO Medical's Pulse Oximeters are mobile, small and light weighed, so they enable the users to carry them on their body constantly, and know in advance of any change in their bodily indexes.

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    Simplier device (without Bluetooth Technology)

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